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Relaxing Massage

***COVID-19 Information*** Our massages take place, in a large and ventilated space, open on a patio. We receive only by appointment and respect all the rules of hygiene. The space is not shared between several clients and therapists.



A relaxation massage uses smooth, gliding strokes applied with aromatics oils. The main purpose is to help you relax while the massage therapist moves at a slow pace and uses light pressure.

The emphasis is more on enjoying the tension releasing from your muscles than working on serious knots. Even though there is still some substantial health benefits to a relaxation massage. By relaxing the body, the massage allows the nervous system to calm down, promoting a sense of well-being; this improves your blood circulation, stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, which carries away waste products; it re-energizes  all the systems of your body, bringing relaxation to your body and mind.

Available in full body massage or localized.

1 Hour - 30 euros in Espaço “Vidas com Arte” in VRSA, Algarve

1 Hour - 45 euros for a home visit.