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Dr. Vitor Silva

Human, Clinic Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Born in Algarve, in the South of Portugal, Vitor Silva graduated a Master Degree in Clinical Psychology in the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada (I.S.P.A.) of Lisbon. In 2004, he decided to continue his Master training abroad, in Barcelona, Spain.

He felt in love with the city and chose to stay for several years after he finished his internship. There, he graduated a 2nd cycle Master degree, researched and started to work in both public hospital and private institutions.

In 2005, he is integrated into a research project in the Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau of Barcelona. Along with Dr. Juan Luis Linares – director of both Family Therapy School and the Psychiatric department of the same hospital, Ex-President of the European Family Therapy Association (E.F.T.A.)-, he specialized himself in psychosis and its relational basis, participating on the issue of: "Terapia Familiar de las Psicosis - Entre  la destriangulación y la reconfirmación (Barcelona, 2018 - Ediciones Morata).  Serious psychopathology in adults and adolescents soon become his main areas of investigation.

The same year he is awarded of a scholarship by the Hospital, where he starts a four years Master Degree in Systemic Family Therapy. During those years he acquires theoretical-practical competences and deepens his knowledge in psychotherapy. He joins Dr Juan Luis Linares therapeutic team and is invited to work with him as his co-therapist.

In 2008, he is invited to co-lead clinical groups of psychotic patients and families in the department of Family Therapy of the Hospital de Sant Pau.
He has also participated in congresses, conferences and translated articles of the renowned magazine Family Process into Portuguese.

Later and till the end of his stay in Barcelona, he becomes a member of the international center of psychotherapy “Hestia”, where he runs therapies in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Catalan and also starts to work as an independent psychotherapist.

In 2011, he begins a new international odyssey; visiting in South America, the centers of Family Therapy associated to the School of Family Therapy of the Hospital de Sant Pau (RELATES).

He was a member/teacher and researcher of the Family Therapy’s team of the Hospital de Sant Pau - Barcelona. Nowadays, he is teaching for the on-line Master degree of University Blanquerna Ramon Llull - Barcelona and runs the “Vidas com Arte” project, which he co-founded, and works there as a psychotherapist.

He is member of the Portuguese Psychologist College (O.P.P.), given recognition as a specialist in Clinic and Health & Psychoterapist, registered under the professional N°15248, as well as efective member (nº 1740) of the Portuguese Society of Family Therapy (S.P.T.F.).

As an apprentice-musician, he particularly explores Indian classical music by studying bansuri (an Indian bamboo flute) with the master and Guru Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.

He considers himself curious as much as adventurous.

Carolina Martins

Historian, Archeologist, Yoga Teacher, Thai Massage Therapist

Grew up in France, in a Portuguese family. She is an intense and passionate yoga practitioner since 2007 although her first career was the one of an historian of the Ancient Rome, obtaining a master in Roman iconography and worked as an Archeologist. 

For her, yoga had been for some years now, a daily practice, a lifestyle, an endless exploration and inspiration.

It’s only during a three years break for travelling around the world that the “awakening” slowly happened, the travel becoming a study for inner transformation and understanding… Along with the discovery of India, a deeper connection with the yogic lifestyle also took place. 

She completed the yoga teacher training to become a certified yoga instructor in 2013, when she decided to deepen her understanding of yoga and maintain her own development. She learnt how to teach traditional hatha and ashtanga yoga in Nashik (India), with Rishi Dharmajyoti, who is a disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (founder of the Bihar School of Yoga). She studied yoga as per Indian tradition: by staying in an ashram, living with a guru and surrendering to him. This lifestyle involves not only the practice of asanas (the yogic postures) but also the knowledge of ancient texts and philosophy, chanting, meditating, working for the community… 

She deeply believes that yoga is a personal gift and a way to attain perfect health and achieve self-realization. Her goal as a teacher is to guide students in their practice to realize a better body-mind connection, to accept and respect their bodies and own limitations while performing asanas and more generally in life. The classes are focused on the awareness of the breath, the relaxation of the body and the mind, the encouragement of every student. Along with a regular practice, the students will feel the effects of yoga: a better focus and concentration, an improved flexibility, toned muscles, physical and mental blockages removed.

Personally and for her students, she uses the SWAN principle, developed by Swami Niranjanananda, director of the Bihar School of Yoga, which is a technique for self-development combining the physical benefits of yoga. 

S for strengths: Cultivate it.
W for weaknesses: Work on it to slowly remove it.
A for ambitions: Achieve our ambitions.
N for needs: Understand our needs.

The practice of yoga (asanas, pranayamas, mudras and bandhas) should be approached from this point of view and not only the physical perspective. That is why she truly believes that yoga is for every body, age, condition.

She is now working in Monte-Gordo (Algarve, Portugal) giving personal and group classes. She also works with hotels in this area giving classes to tourists/athletes in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French or Italian. She is also available for classes at home and by Skype in some special occasions.


Other certifications:

  • Yoga for the Special Child®, Basic Program 1, Almancil, Portugal, March 2013.

  • Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Foundation of Thai Massage Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 2014.

  • “Rainbow Kids Yoga” Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training Course , Lisbon, Portugal, October 2014.

  • "Teacher training: Primary series of Ashtanga Yoga" with David Swenson, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2015.