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Couple Therapy

The relationship of a couple is one of the most important and complex. A couple is much more than the sum of two partners; it has its own dynamic, influenced by both and influencing both. Each partner brings his world into the couple: the personal, familial and cultural backgrounds; this is obviously enriching for both, allowing the growth and development of each other. On the other hand, those differences can originate conflicts given the difficulty of bringing together ideas, expectations and negotiating different models.

The aim of a couple therapy is to offer new possibilities for the relation, according to the needs, the potentialities of the couple and of each individual; opening new ways of communication, facilitate a deeper understanding, modify dysfunctional relationship patterns, elaborate conflicts and allowing the development of each, as an individual and as a partner. The therapy also gives a constructive support during a process of separation or break-up, watching over the health and well-being of the partners and children when they are there.

Normally, it is a brief therapy process (8 to 12 sessions). The sessions last for one hour approximately, twice a week, or once a week in some cases. Before initiating the therapy, it is mandatory that both partners participate into one or two sessions, generally once a week, as an assessment phase.

Situations where a couple therapy can be recommended:

- Communication problems;
- Difficulties in solving conflicts;
- Jealousy;
- Unfaithfulness;
- Aggressive behaviour, violence;
- Depression;
- Sexual problems, sexual dissatisfaction;
- Financial disagreements;
- Mediation;
- Problems with the family;
- Conflicts related to the children.