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Yoga for pregnancy and post-natal

Yoga can prepare women physically, emotionally and spiritually during pregnancy, creating a positive environment for the baby. The practice of yoga during pregnancy is suitable for all kind of practitioner, either beginner or advanced but with of course, some adjustments in the routine according to the period of the pregnancy. At that time, yoga must always be practiced with the baby’s safety in mind; it is not the time to learn some new postures.

Yoga during pregnancy really empowers women by promoting positive thinking and faith in the woman.

It strengthens the pelvic muscles, can relieve back pain, prevent varicose veins and constipation. It also improves fitness by controlling the weight gain and flexibility in general. It tones all the muscles used in birthing, as much as it helps with pain and stress management during labour by using breathing and relaxation techniques.

After the birth, it promotes a fast recovery and help in balancing emotions.

Here also the approach has to be systematic, combining asanas, pranayamas, relaxation and meditation.

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