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Psychotherapy at Home and by Skype

Aren’t we used to hear that “time is money”? This is the perfect proverb to describe our society, where everything is counted and fast, including our precious free time; time that is spent in so many ways: for culture, healthcare, wellness, leisure… But it shouldn’t be only a matter of money, because it is more than that; “time is life”!

Psychotherapy presents inestimable values of recuperation, cure (of deep emotional disturbances) as well as preventive values for personal health, and for a better self-knowledge. Unfortunately for some reasons this is a tool sometimes difficult to search for.
Social clichés, misinformation, fears and misunderstandings can be some of the obstacles. Those obstacles turn even stronger when we step away from big cities into small cities or towns of the inland or the coastline (of Portugal in our case).

“Vidas com Arte” aims to offer an accessible, quick, easy and safe response to this matter of facts, widening the areas of intervention and increasing accessibilities by purposing psychotherapies (individual, couple and family) at your home or by Skype, for those who feel in need but cannot act. “Vidas com Arte” wants to adjust to those who feel too far, too busy, too afraid of being classified.

These alternatives are usually submitted to special conditions and previous negotiation with the therapist. The practitioner will always evaluate the best option with the success of the therapeutic process/conditions in mind, organizing the frequency of the sessions and modalities of the therapy.

The consultations by Skype can also be planned when it is beneficial for the client and always since a therapeutic process has already started. It can be very useful in case of unexpected crisis for example.

Finally, in “Vidas com Arte”, we decided to use the technological advantages of our modern world to give a good and personalized service to everyone.

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