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Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process  based on the interaction, communication and relationship established with a patient/client.

It can be focused on the treatment of psychological disorders - as a tool for recuperation and/or cure (of severe disturbances) - or on increasing self-knowledge and self-development, as well as promoting personal health.

Even if verbal communication is a fundamental aspect, psychotherapy is so much more than “talking about problems”. This professional relationship between a therapist and his patients/clients is ruled by well-defined principles, techniques and structures.

The objectives of this process are multiple and diverse: helping in a deeper understanding of oneself and own environment; achieving positive changes in different areas of one’s life; overcome difficult situations and resolve problems; learning for a better management of emotions and feelings like sadness, anger or fear; empowering self-confidence and increasing self-esteem.

Situations where individual therapy is recommended:

- Anxiety;
- Depression;
- Relationship problems;
- Fears, phobias, feeling of insecurity;
- Post-traumatic stress disorder;
- Sleep disorders;
- Eating disorders;
- Addictions;
- Personality disorders/ Emotional disorders;
- Obsessive-compulsive disorders;
- Bipolarity;
- Psychotic disorders;