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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful method of change and growth, where the therapeutic process is accomplished by a group of people brought together. The issue faced by each one will be worked within the group. The members of this group may share the same problem, like an objective or a similar moment in their respective lives. The aim of this process is to use the dynamic of the group to develop and strengthen the personal potential and relational skills of its members.

Every group has its own way of functioning, according to the objectives to deal with. However, some structural elements are common. First a group has to be formed; it normally counts 6 to 12 persons who can benefit from a group therapy. The sessions take place once a week or twice a month and usually last 1H30 /2H. During the therapeutic process, the therapist acts like a mediator or a catalyst, introducing subjects to think on, offering informative material, guiding the sessions. The content of the sessions is strictly confidential. Within all participants, confidentiality, mutual respect and trust must be maintained as fundamentals for the process to be successful and beneficial.

The group is a chance for everyone to express freely; receive support and understanding; share problems and find solutions; open new perspectives, ideas and points of view; learn about oneself and the others. The group therapy gives opportunity to its members to widen their social web as well as to explore new ways of relating and interacting within the society.

Because one’s life is also a matter of human relations and conflicts normally surge in social-relational contexts, group therapy also appears as a useful complement to individual therapy.

Situations where group therapy is recommended:

- Relational conflicts;
- Depression;
- Anxiety;
- Loss, Mourning;
- Traumas and phobias;
- Management of aggressive behaviour;
- Jealousy;
- Migrations, Interculturalism;
- Psychotic disorders;
- Addictions;
- Growth, Development of maturity.